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There goes China, and I will use her to remove everyone from your life if you give up everything and serve me, said the voice within.

Serve you, Like mommy? Is this God, should I bow down or bow my head?

Just keep walking, I am with you. Give up everything and serve me, for this is your calling.

I’ve heard about this like the prophets in the Bible, you are talking to me but from within me. I don’t know where the voice is coming from, my head, but it sounds like, it is from my heart, no I hear an echo almost as if it is the bottom of my tummy. It is strange, but I’m excited, I am communicating with you God, no one knows you are at my desk.

Say that again. You said to give up everything and serve you. I can’t quit my job how will I live. Suddenly I yelled, I know if I win the lottery, I can certainly live and serve you since I will have millions.

“The Lottery, what are you talking about?” asked the voice. “Will you serve me?” continued the voice within as if to dismiss the Lottery question.

You know, buy a ticket pick a few numbers to match the winning numbers, boom you win!

Anyway, yes, I will serve you, I do attend church and sometimes pray when I need to.
Wow! What’s happening, this is amazing. I can see my family, and they are talking about me. Almost as if I am not there. Why does Aunt Paula seem angry? But she is defending me that’s why I love her. Realizing there was silence, I questioned “Hello, are you there is this the future? Hello! Where did you go?”

Being direct and dismissing my minor questions. Again he asks, “Will you serve me?” Which was the final question?

You are serious, let me think. As I pause for a second “Yes, I will!” What do you want me to do?

You will preach and teach. Tell the people “GOD’s NOT DEAD,” he said.

What? Who would think you are dead? Even I know that. But what will I preach?

You will start with this, what you heard and saw. Tell my people I am not Dead and I Love them ALL………


john 15:16